about ろくろ首

We are Jami and Cori Nakamura Lin–Chicago-based sisters who use visual and written narrative to tell stories about culture, identity, and the world around us. Learn more.

our current projects

What We Feed Ourselves
Food, Acculturation, and “Authenticity”

How food changes based on the path it takes, whose tastes (and spice tolerances!) it is entertaining, and who is controlling the narrative and translation. Learn more.

Identity, Incarceration, and Legacy

How incarceration shaped a family across four generations–and how it affects their politics today. Learn more.

The Hour of the Ox
Mythology, Yokai, and the Cultural Subconscious

What our nightmares say about us. Learn more.

grants + awards

We have received grants, awards, and fellowships from the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission / the National Endowment for the Arts, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Minnesota Regional Arts Council, We Need Diverse Books, Jerome Foundation, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (University of Minnesota), and Wormfarm Institute, among others.

About Us

Jami writes about monsters and myth, faith and fear, and how stories shape identity and policy.
By visualizing narratives and illuminating concepts, Cori makes art that fuels action.
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