The Hour of the Ox

The Hour of the Ox is a painting series of yokai–Japanese mythological creatures and spirits. In 2016, Cori was taking part in an installation at X Gallery. The theme of the art show was dreams, and she asked me–Jami–for ideas.

I immediately thought of yokai, for these creatures come out at night, to haunt, to lament, to cause mischief. Several are explicitly dream-related. I’ve been researching yokai for several years as a part of my novel-in-progress, The Sin-Eaters, and I spent four months in Japan learning more about these folktales and myths. I was extremely excited to have Cori render them in her style.

(This page is under construction; more information on each yokai will be added later.)

The ghost whale. Haunts the seas of guilt-ridden fishing villages.

The dream-eater. A chimera who will swallow your nightmares.

Ancient fox spirit. Accompanied by globes of light.

Apparitions that, in daytime, seem exactly like normal women. But at night, their heads can roam around separately from their sleeping bodies (either because of their necks stretching or because of the heads detaching completely). These heads often get up to mischief.

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